MK Cafe India Coffee Beans 250g

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A homogeneous mix of Arabica and Robusta beans from Indian plantations.

Coffee grown in India for many days a year is subjected to the action of monsoons or winds carrying warm moist air, which gives the coffee a strong characteristic aftertaste. MK Cafe India is a coffee stronger, more expressive in taste, with a spicy aftertaste. Perfect as an espresso. The intense flavor will make it feel good even in cocktails with a high milk content.

Malabar, famous for its Indian monsoon coffee, owes its unique bouquet to the humid monsoons. Its aromatic brew has expressive notes of chocolate, caramel, precious wood and spices. Compared to the classic Indian Arabica – characterized by an unmatched mild taste, minimal acidity and sensual aroma, which brings to mind the breeze of a warm, oriental wind.

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