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Can you embark on a journey around the world with your morning coffee?
Yes! A morning cup of coffee can take you to distant, exotic countries – each time in a different one! Take us on a journey around the world, discover the richness of coffee flavours and aromas from around the world.

At MAW Cafe Store, we offer you various types of Arabica coffees from around the world. We offer grains harvested on Asian, African, as well as Central and South American plantations. Each of our coffees has a unique aromatic profile, intensity and level of acidity. Everyone will find something for themselves – regardless of whether they need coffee for a pressure espresso machine, coffee for a coffee shop or other coffee-making equipment. and is a brand of MAW Group Limited.

MAW Group Limited is only one the official representative of the Polish coffee brand MK Cafe on the British market and we coordinate coffee orders for Polish stores in England. It gives you confidence that the product you receive is still the best quality genuine product. Thanks for taking this into account.

MAW Cafe Coffee Wholesale

Coffees Recommended by master baristas.

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TOFFEE LATTE Great coffee for cold days.

Fantastic way to greet a chilly morning.

CHERRY LATTE Great coffee for cold days.

When the temperature dropped below zero, you want to indulge in something warm and extremely tasty.