July 30, 2020

Turkish coffee

Turkish coffee – coffee grounds at the bottom

Turkish coffee – coffee grounds at the bottom

Just pour ground coffee and now? Nothing could be more wrong.

Preparation of real Turkish coffee is quite a complicated process.

For this you need:

A small brass jug with a fairly long handle. It should have a spout to facilitate the spilling of coffee, narrowing upwards, so that the aroma does not evaporate too quickly
Finely ground coffee
How to make:

Use a teaspoon to measure one portion of ground coffee – one cup = one teaspoon
Pour sugar to taste to the bottom of the jug, add cold water and put the jug on the fire
Bring to a “white boil” (the upper surface of the water just before boiling becomes white).
Remove the jug from the heat, add coffee and set the jug on fire again
These steps should be repeated three times. The last time pour a teaspoon of cold water, which makes it easier for the grounds to fall to the bottom
Leave for a while, then carefully pour into cups, taking care (this is an old Turkish tradition) that everyone gets some foam
To enhance the aroma, you can mix coffee with cardamom.

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