Eggnog Latte for cold day


Full Recipe in Details

Eggnog Latte Great coffee for cold days.

  • 50 ml – coffee from the coffee MK Cafe Premium

  • 200 ml – frothed milk 3.2%

  • 20 ml – syrup egg
  • Decoration: layers and on top Whipped cream

Pour the milk into a pot and heat. In the meantime, prepare the coffee in the coffee machine. Milk should be pleasantly warm and slightly sweet. 
Be sure not to boil / do not overheat the milk. 
To add a glass of chocolate sauce / Nutella and then mint syrup. Milk pour 
into a jug / mug and foam the hand foamer. 
After frothing milk gently pour into a glass 
on the spoon, you keep the glass wall. 
Finally, add brewed coffee and decorate your drink coffee. Prepare egg sauce:   Puree the egg yolk with the sugar. Do it as long as the yolk whitening, or about 10 minutes. Then add half a teaspoon of vanilla sugar.


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